Notice on Online Registration of Retaking Examination for International Undergraduate Students in 2022/2023(2) Semester



根据《浙江工业大学全日制本科留学生学籍管理实施细则(试行)》等相关规定,在开学后三周内,如学生对已取得学分的课程成绩不满意( 60课程成绩<85),可以通过重考,即再次参加课程学习并重新参加考核,以争取获得更好成绩。现将重考通知如下:




重考报名可通过支付宝即时缴费,请大家访问正方教务系统校外链接进行选课和缴费(推荐使用Google Chrome浏览器)。校内链接暂时不支持缴费功能。选课后,按界面右上角缴费按钮,在缴费界面上选择2022/20232)学期后,按查询按钮,然后选择需要缴费的项目后,按缴费,用支付宝App扫描二维码进行缴费(2016级及之前按75/门收取,2017级及之后按150/门收取)。






Notice on Online Registration of Retaking Examination for International Undergraduate Students in 2022/2023(2) Semester

Feb. 27, 2023

To all colleges and all international students it may concern:

According to Detailed Implementing Rules for the Management of Full-Time International Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs in Zhejiang University of Technology, International students who are not satisfied with their scores of completed courses (60≤the score<85) may go through the formalities for retaking the examination and pay the relevant fees within the first three weeks of the semester.Some relevant matters on online registration are as follows.

1.     Registration Time

The online registration time of retaking examination in 2022-2023 (2) semester is from Feb.27 to Mar. 3. International students who need to retake courses must log in Zhengfang educational management system for registration within the given time. No overdue service.

2. Payments for Retaking Examination

The payment of retaking examination can be paid instantly by Alipay. Currently, campus network do not support the payment function. So please log in Zhengfang educational management system with off-campus network ( for course registration and payment (Google Chrome browser is recommended).

After course registration, please click the payment button on the upper right corner of the interface to pay by Alipay. The tuition of retaking examination is 75 Yuan per course for students enrolled in or before 2016, 150 Yuan per course for students enrolled in or after 2017.

3. No withdrawal is allowed after successful payment, so please confirm the correct courses under the guidance of teachers from major colleges before proceeding with the payment operation.

4.  If students do not pay in time, it is regarded as giving up the qualification of retaking examination.

5The official version of this notice is in Chinese, with English translation provided for convenience. In case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the original Chinese text, the Chinese text shall prevail.


Academic Affairs Office

Zhejiang University of Technology

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