Notice on the Status of International Students Who Fail to Complete Study within the Maximum Study Period











Notice on the Status of International Students Who Fail to Complete Study within the Maximum Study Period

November 22rd, 2022

For the purpose of strict academic registration management and good service for international students who have overstayed their study period, the Academic Affairs Office organized all colleges to verify the former students who have exceeded the maximum flexible study period but have not come to apply for completion or incompletion of study in time according to the university's academic management regulations in October 2022.

After verification by the colleges, it is now proposed that 52 international students should be permanently completed or uncompleted (see the annex for the specific list and status processing results), and the status processing results are hereby announced. If you have any objection, please contact Teacher Zhou of the International Education Department of the Office of Academic Affairs within 10 days. The email address is

The above-mentioned students can bring their passport and photo (1 two-inch bareheaded color photo, and the photo of graduation and completion certificate must be the same as the photo on the CHSI) to apply for graduation, completion (or incompletion of study) and finish the to-do list for graduates to leave school before December 7th. (Check out the departure procedure at B505, Jianxing Building, Pingfeng Campus, and then go to Teacher Zhou, B405, Jianxing Building, Pingfeng Campus to apply for the certificate.) Please bring the letter of attorney if you entrust someone else to do it. If the above-mentioned students do not come to the university to apply for the certificate or give up before December 7th, the university will make the relevant certificate for them and handle the status as students.



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